Meet Tracy Praties, our new Café Manager! 

TP- Tracy, tell us a bit about yourself
I’m married to Kevin and have four children, aged between 22 and 6 years old. I have previously worked in hospitality and administration and currently we are OFSTED registered Childminders working together.

- Tell us about how and when you became a Christian?
I became a Christian in secondary school and have attended church regularly throughout my life. I have had a connection with South Parade Baptist Church for over 20 years through the toddler groups.
- What is your vision for the new Café on the Headingley site?
I see this venture as an extension of church, I want people to feel welcome to come and be, for it to be a safe space, we will keep the costs low so that it is affordable and inclusive. I feel that the café is a means of encouraging people to come into church and God’s house who wouldn’t necessarily come to a service on a Sunday.
- What’s your favourite food?
Chinese, but my weakness is definitely crisps and bread.
- What’s your favourite place to eat?
It will be the new café on the Headingley site, but right now anywhere I don’t have to cook.
- What would you like people to volunteer to do in the cafe?
I would appreciate anyone that is willing to get involved in welcoming and chatting to people, preparing food and serving customers. It would be good to build up a core team and then have other volunteers get involved as and when they can.
The Café will open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from January 2020

Please get in touch with Tracy by emailing if you would like more information or to volunteer
Kate Churchill, 24/10/2019